SharkTales 🐠 Fish Feed

  • Aquaverse @ Brewery Art Walk

    We are excited to present Aquaverse for a second year with over 10,000 cubic feet featuring the hand-painted art of Debi Cable and Miripolsky combined with Ginzburg's alternative reality, virtual reality, and Holostar web3 gamified overlays that introduce attendees to ocean conservation through art and technology.
  • Aquaverse @ World of Water Art Fair

     AQUAVERSE is one of 15 feature artists for the week with 200 sqft interactive, hand-painted, blacklight web3 infused, immersive art exhibit educating about ocean conservation. AQUAVERSE is also featured in the HIVE as part of the Whale Gallery at the Convention Center for Outer Edge LA 2023 (formerly NFT LA).
  • Aquaverse @ BitBasel, Art Basel

    For the third year in a row, BitBasel is back at Miami Art Week curating one of the largest collections of NFTs and hosting a series of events promoting the education and widespread adoption of blockchain technology. AQUAVERSE is a 3D immersive underwater painted art exhibition by Debi Cable and Miripolsky that uses augmented reality to introduce all age audiences to new technology and educate about ocean conservation. Aquaverse was a featured attraction in the VIP lounge at night and open to the public during the day.
  • Aquaverse @ Winston-Salem, NC

    Aquaverse an underwater-themed 3D blacklight immersive experience is coming to Roar October 19th – October 31st!

    This art instillation of fluorescent murals creates, immersive, architectural environments enhanced by signature Black-light 3D Glasses, which explodes the masterpieces into a visual carnival for your eyes, imagination, and Instagram feed. Aquaverse will create a photogenic love-fest for all who enter the blacklight experience. Step inside the exhibit to experience this magical, surreal underwater world for yourself.

  • iHollywood Film Fest 2022 Unveils Official Poster By LA Artist Andre Miripolsky And SharkTales Art

    iHollywood Film Fest Founder and Festival Director Joyce Chow is pleased to unveil the official poster for 2022 with Los Angeles pop artist Andre Miripolsky of SharkTales Art during NFT Expoverse in Los Angeles. 
  • Web3 Warriors Episode 15: SharkTales Art by Miripolsky & Ravin' Dave

    In episode 15 of Web3 Warriors, Krome interviews Andre Miripolsky and Ravin' Dave about their SharkTales Art NFT project. The conversation was centered around sustainability in web3 and pushing back against the narrative that blockchain = bad for the environment. On the contrary, we are seeing that blockchain is pushing alternative energy innovations and NFTs specifically are opening up new international financing options for the global plight of combatting climate change.
  • SharkTales Art Club X Brewery Art Walk

    Calling all colleagues, neighbors, collectors, family, friends, and enthusiasts you are invited to join us for The 40th Anniversary of the Brewery Artwalk, 2022
  • Tuesday Brunch #06 🌊🦈 🎨 X sƎuOɾ Ǝıפu∀

    ⊥ɹ∀ sƎuOɾ Ǝıפu∀ is an American artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Her work addresses the influence of technology on our shared brain circuitry. Angie applies technical, digital, and traditional methods incorporating conceptual practice to create her visual language. 
  • Tuesday Brunch #05 🌊🦈 🎨 Fort Brox X Crypto Mining for Creatives

    We wanted to create a reciprocal way to work with the community of those who want to mine crypto. We add the graphics cards (GPUs) to our mining rigs. You become a Card Partner. Choose how many cards you want placed within our mining rigs. You buy the graphics cards through us. Each rig can hold Twelve (12) GPUs.

  • Creators share the full NFT process

    We sat down with Ravin Dave and iconic artist Andre Miripolsky to get their first hand experience from soup-to-nuts of learning NFTs, creating a series (@SharkTales.Art), working with a non-profit Beneath The Waves, growing with a community (@nftglive) launching, and of course the legal and monetary side of NFT Art. There is so much great information these two share about their thoughts on crypto, the technology, and bringing their talents to a new world of art + NFTs.
  • Tuesday Brunch #04 🌊🦈 🎨 Lilli Muller X The Global Supper

    Through the Global Supper, I am attempting to address the grave disparity, inequality, and global crisis in which we currently find ourselves - such as the many lives lost due to malnourishment, lack of resources, environmental degradation, and incessant wars.
  • Tuesday Brunch #03 🌊🦈 🎨 Miripolsky X 1969-2022

    SharkTales Art Club is a weekly deep dive into entrepreneurship, art, technology, NFTs, and life lessons from master builders, hosted by MiripolskyRavin, and NFTGThis week we explored the roll or the "Wartime Artist" as we explored Andre's work from the 50's and 60s compared to now. To replay click here.