SharkTales 🐠 Fish Feed

  • Creators share the full NFT process

    We sat down with Ravin Dave and iconic artist Andre Miripolsky to get their first hand experience from soup-to-nuts of learning NFTs, creating a series (@SharkTales.Art), working with a non-profit Beneath The Waves, growing with a community (@nftglive) launching, and of course the legal and monetary side of NFT Art. There is so much great information these two share about their thoughts on crypto, the technology, and bringing their talents to a new world of art + NFTs.
  • Party In The City with the Sharks Till Dawn!

    Catch MIRIPOLSKY's SharkTales.Art NFTs in Miami as featured in the SearchLight Artist Pool and can be seen during NFT BZL at the FTX Arena in Downtown Miami and at DecentralCon in the Devco Digital Gallery.
  • Introducing Real Items, NFTG, and Polygon

    We are excited to the partnered with and to use Polygon in order to create authentic and eco-friendly nfts for this project. Take a deep dive into the phygital (physical + digital) world that lives on the layer two polygon eco-system built on the ethereum blockchain.