Tuesday Brunch #03 🌊🦈 🎨 Miripolsky X 1969-2022

3.01.2022 Miripolsky X Tuesday Brunch 🌊🦈 🎨SharkTales Art Club is a weekly deep dive into entrepreneurship, art, technology, NFTs, and life lessons from master builders, hosted by MiripolskyRavin, and NFTG.

This week we explored the roll or the "Wartime Artist" as we explored Andre's work from the 50's and 60s compared to now. To replay click here. 

MIRIPOLSKY is a world-renowned Los Angeles artist who pushes the limits in painting, sculpture, mobiles, graphics, sets, and costumes.

Born in Paris; raised in Iran, Thailand, Austria, France, Indonesia, and Korea; educated at CalArts in L.A.; name translated from Russian means fields of peace; an international creative force, Maestro of his Kingdom of Color; the Cole Porter of Pop.

Andre Miripolsky loves Los Angeles and uses his talent and keen understanding of pop imagery to showcase this city's energy and vitality. Beginning in 1980 his dynamic career launched with LA superstars like Elton John (the famous 1980 Concert in Central Park “Piano Keys” costume) and Bette Midler, as well as Quincy Jones, The Rolling Stones, and sets for “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno.

Andre continues his love affair with LA superstars - but this time in the form of his "LA Sharks" series with its accompanying gallery Prickles and Skulls - a body of work that embodies all the dynamism, energy, and humor that Andre loves about LA and all its characters.

Come enjoy the all wonders and enter Andre's Kingdom of Color.

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