Tuesday Brunch #05 🌊🦈 🎨 Fort Brox X Crypto Mining for Creatives

SharkTales Art Club is a weekly deep dive into entrepreneurship, art, technology, NFTs, and life lessons from master builders, hosted by MiripolskyRavin, and NFTG. To RSVP, listen or replay click here.

Who is Fort Brox?

We wanted to create a reciprocal way to work with the community of those who want to mine crypto. We add the graphics cards (GPUs) to our mining rigs. You become a Card Partner. Choose how many cards you want placed within our mining rigs. You buy the graphics cards through us. Each rig can hold Twelve (12) GPUs.

As a Card Partner, each GPU is given an NFT specifically for each card. The serial number and card details are assigned to the NFT. We secure and manage the rig. Your graphics cards are kept in our secure location, connected to power, and running efficiently. We manage the mining, maintenance, and updates.
Currently we are using electricity, but we will be moving towards alternative options in the future. Every Monday you receive a deposit. We send out your weekly mining amounts directly to your crypto wallet. We can suggest options for wallets. Currently Ravencoin (RVN) goes out weekly and Ethereum (ETH) goes out once a month, due to gas fees. A cloud based spreadsheet is updated weekly for your records for any and all reporting needs you may have.

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