SharkTales 🐠 Fish Feed

  • Aquaverse @ Brewery Art Walk

    We are excited to present Aquaverse for a second year with over 10,000 cubic feet featuring the hand-painted art of Debi Cable and Miripolsky combined with Ginzburg's alternative reality, virtual reality, and Holostar web3 gamified overlays that introduce attendees to ocean conservation through art and technology.
  • Aquaverse @ World of Water Art Fair

     AQUAVERSE is one of 15 feature artists for the week with 200 sqft interactive, hand-painted, blacklight web3 infused, immersive art exhibit educating about ocean conservation. AQUAVERSE is also featured in the HIVE as part of the Whale Gallery at the Convention Center for Outer Edge LA 2023 (formerly NFT LA).
  • HUMANITY Project ✅ 🌸 Social Impact NFTs

    w/ Nahid Shahalimi, vanDi, Jake Roberts, Rami Al-Sabeq, Natalie Crue, Lianna Adams, Ravin Meghan Sharkus – Join us to learn about projects using NFTs for Social Good! This week featuring the Sharktales project by Ravin and the Diadragons project by Meghan!