SharkTales 🐠 Fish Feed


    “I am excited to be partnered with fantastic organizations, to help bring decades of shark paintings to life for a good cause and the right reasons, ” said Andre Miripolsky.
  • HUMANITY Project ✅ 🌸 Social Impact NFTs

    w/ Nahid Shahalimi, vanDi, Jake Roberts, Rami Al-Sabeq, Natalie Crue, Lianna Adams, Ravin Meghan Sharkus – Join us to learn about projects using NFTs for Social Good! This week featuring the Sharktales project by Ravin and the Diadragons project by Meghan!
  • Strange Daze / SharkTales.Art Gallery Exhibition

    Strange days indeed! We are living in unusual times. Michael Hayden Gallery features MIRIPOLSKY presents SharkTales.Art, an eco-phygital collection of nfts that support oceanic conservation.