• Introducing Beneath the Waves

    Introducing Beneath The Waves, an oceanic conservation organization. By studying local shark populations, habitats, and migration patterns, researchers will be able to devise evidence-based recommendations for protecting these species. Beneath the Waves has generated nearly 100 scientific publications, numerous first-ever discoveries, and they have been involved in the study and conservation of nearly 1 million square kilometers of marine protected areas.

    Miripolsky presents, a new communal approach to oceanic conservation and art collecting featuring the eco-physical collection.

    “I am excited to be partnered with fantastic organizations, to help bring decades of shark paintings to life for a good cause and the right reasons, ” said Andre Miripolsky.
  • Introducing Real Items, NFTG, and Polygon

    We are excited to the partnered with and to use Polygon in order to create authentic and eco-friendly nfts for this project. Take a deep dive into the phygital (physical + digital) world that lives on the layer two polygon eco-system built on the ethereum blockchain. 
  • HUMANITY Project ✅ 🌸 Social Impact NFTs

    w/ Nahid Shahalimi, vanDi, Jake Roberts, Rami Al-Sabeq, Natalie Crue, Lianna Adams, Ravin Meghan Sharkus – Join us to learn about projects using NFTs for Social Good! This week featuring the Sharktales project by Ravin and the Diadragons project by Meghan!
  • Strange Daze / SharkTales.Art Gallery Exhibition

    Strange days indeed! We are living in unusual times. Michael Hayden Gallery features MIRIPOLSKY presents SharkTales.Art, an eco-phygital collection of nfts that support oceanic conservation.
  • Introducing Miripolsky

    Introducing the world of Miripolsky, a world renowned American pop-artist with decades of mural, painting and design experience. Born in Paris, France, and raised in Iran, Thailand, Austria, France, Indonesia, and Korea; educated at CalArts. Andre has been creating his unique and edgy style of POP ART in LA since 1969, landing his first show on Melrose Ave in 1980. Since then, Miripolsky has become famous for pushing the limits of materials, form and content, creating his own brand of expression in painting, sculpture, mobiles, graphics, sets and costumes.