Introducing Miripolsky


BREWERY ARTS COMPLEX, Los Angeles, CA –Andre Miripolsky loves Los Angeles and uses his talent and keen understanding of pop imagery to showcase this city's energy and vitality. Beginning in 1980 his dynamic career launched with LA superstars like Elton John (the famous 1980 Concert in Central Park “Piano Keys” costume) and Bette Midler,  as well as Quincy Jones, The Rolling Stones, and  sets for “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno.

Andre continues his love affair with LA superstars - but this time in the form of his "LA Sharks" series with its accompanying gallery Prickles and Skulls  - a body of work which embodies all the dynamism, energy and humor which Andre loves about LA and all its characters.  

Miripolsky was born in Paris, France, and raised in Iran, Thailand, Austria, France, Indonesia, and Korea; educated at CalArts. Andre has been creating his unique and edgy style of POP ART in LA since 1969, landing his first show on Melrose Ave in 1980. Since then, Miripolsky has become famous for pushing the limits of materials, form and content, creating his own brand of expression in painting, sculpture, mobiles, graphics, sets and costumes. 


From a very young age, sharks have always fascinated and inspired Anre, especially when their unrequited power is offset by his love for LA and his unique sense of humore and irony such as depicting these prehistoric predators sporting black sunglasses and looking like a cat who just ate the canary. 

Miripolsky's "Viva LA Shark" series captures the voracity and humor with which Andre enjoys, reveres and devours all the richness Los Angeles has to offer. Sharks never look back. And neither does Andre, who's slogan and artwork inspired the new iconic brand created to promote Los Angeles at home and around the world, Viva LA!

Underlying the "Viva La Shark" is the "Sharks in the City" series that captured the quirky side of one of the world's most feared, dangerous, hunted, and inspiring creatures. Sharks is the City are an original series of paintings that tell the story of Hollywood and LA LA Land, while celebrating historic LA culture. 

Come take a dive into the wonders, deep in Miripolsky's past and enter Andre's Kingdom of Color.

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