Tuesday Brunch #01 🌊🦈 🎨 Miripolsky X Manny Linx

SharkTales Art Club is a weekly deep dive into entrepreneurship, art, technology, NFTs, and life lessons from master builders, hosted by Miripolsky, Ravin, and NFTGMannyLinx is a multidisciplinary artist based in LA California whose work is about emotion and balance. For the clubhouse replay click here.

Click the replay and take a deep dive with Manny into his world, backstory, style, inspiration and motivation to cross over into the world of web 3.

Manny's latest masterpiece titled “Flower Bomb” was sold as a 1/1 nft which included an unlockable that was the actual physical. A 36x48 inch mixed media 1/1 edition piece that is also 3d when using a special pair of glasses.

Manny Linx - Flower Bomb

The idea and concept behind the “Flower Bomb” series sprouted from buying flowers for my moms and them dying. So I decided to create a flower series where they can live forever.

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