SearchLight is one of the official curators for NFT.NYC 2021, alongside Christie's Auction House. Guess who's representing the community?

The Mask Ephemera Exhibition will be on display inside the NFT.NYC Conference at The Edison Ballroom, The Palladium Center and Margaritaville Resort in Times Square; in the Blockchain Center in New York; in The SearchLight Gallery in and in Pranksy’s Gallery in Decentraland.

Accompanying the Exhibitions will be an event at the Triad Theater in New York City with leading NFT artists, educators, DAOs, and collectible teams.

 Access to all the events are listed below.

Producing and Event Partners include: 

NFT.NYCNFT Creator Tours, The Blockchain CenterPranksy + BB,

Chris Parks Art, Group.BR  RarepizzasOn1ForceEthereals, and 


miripolsky nft nyc decentraland

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