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  • Tuesday Brunch #01 🌊🦈 🎨 Miripolsky X Manny Linx

    SharkTales Art ClubΒ is a weekly deep dive into entrepreneurship, art, technology, NFTs, and life lessons from master builders, hosted byΒ Miripolsky,Β Ravin, andΒ NFTG.Β MannyLinxΒ is a multidisciplinary artist based in LA California whose work is about emotion and balance.Β For the clubhouse replayΒ clickΒ here.
  • Introducing Miripolsky

    Introducing the world of Miripolsky, a world renowned American pop-artist with decades of mural, painting and design experience. Born in Paris, France, and raised in Iran, Thailand, Austria, France, Indonesia, and Korea; educated at CalArts. Andre has been creating his unique and edgy style of POP ART in LA since 1969, landing his first show on Melrose Ave in 1980. Since then, Miripolsky has become famous for pushing the limits of materials, form and content, creating his own brand of expression in painting, sculpture, mobiles, graphics, sets and costumes.