SharkTales™ are a global symbol for independence and persistence. There are over 500 species of shark, 143 of these are under threat. Sharks have been around for over 400 million years, long before dinosaurs.



Three collections of original shark art built from hand-drawn and hand-painted mix medium canvases. The SHARKS IN THE CITY character series was initially created in 1984 by world renowned pop-artist/designer ANDRE MIRIPOLSKY. These sharks have been all on billboards, murals and they even stared in the Showtime series "Black Monday" with Don Cheadle, in 2019.

Now they are swimming into NFTs.


ECO-PHYGITALS include the physical art, the digital twin NFT, adopted shark with naming rights, and a cloud based memory system to store photos, videos, and data that serve to archive the provenance of the art, artist, the collector, fans, and the adopted shark. NFTG community membership. Invitation to 2022 Gala in Los Angeles, CA. Founding collector access.


  • 85% / ARTIST & PROJECT
  • 10% / CAUSE
  • 5% / COMMUNITY

Developed in partnership with BENEATHTHEWAVES.ORG, NFTG.LIVE, & REALITEMS.IO.